Local elections 2014

In the run up to the local elections 2014 we lobbied local council candidates for all the main political parties to support the End Violence Against Women #WomensSafetyPledge.  We were pleased to get broad support from many candidates, including the Labour Group who took the Mayor and the majority of council seats.

The pledge commits politicians to action in the following areas:


  • Police – Ensure the police in every part of London deliver the best possible response to all reports of violence against women
  • Rape – Ensure that all survivors of sexual violence have access to specialist Rape Crisis support – by committing to continuing to fund all four of London’s Rape Crisis centres
  • FGM, forced marriage, honour-based violence – Take a leadership role in drawing up a plan to eradicate FGM, forced marriage and honour-based violence in London
  • Sexual harassment – Make London public transport a zero tolerance area for sexual harassment and assault
  • Domestic violence – Monitor the impact of local authority cuts on refuge accommodation and ensure all women and children fleeing violence have somewhere to go
  • Serious youth violence – Ensure programmes tackling gangs include girls’ needs
  • Prostitution – Ensure the police response to prostitution does not criminalise women and support the development of programmes that prevent women entering prostitution and provide exiting routes for those who do
  • Events – Ensure major events in London, such as the Olympics, have good safety planning for women
  • Prevention – Make London a global leader on preventing violence against women
  • Renew and improve London’s excellent ‘The Way Forward’ strategy on ending violence against women and girls.

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