#HeForShe – the voices of male allies

These interviews will be played on @waves_lewisham audioboom channel and at the @deptfordlounge as part of #VAWG awareness raising within #Lewisham from 22 November 2014.


Listen to our founder, Kirsty Lowe, explain why:

Preventing violence against women

We think that individual perpetrator programmes are important.  But we also think that public education is crucial to address some of the underlying causes, such as social attitudes which condone and sometimes actually celebrate violence against women and girls.

This is why we are asking the men of Lewisham to speak out as part of the United Nations’ #HeForShe initiative.

A #BigLewishamConversation about Violence Against Women and Girls

  • Because many men are not perpetrators but are not always comfortable challenging other men
  • Because basically porn is everywhere, in our communities, in our schools, increasingly in music videos on mobile phones and tablets and it is possible to buy newspapers that objectify women, like the Daily Sport, displayed at ankle level on the news stands of Lewisham.  We need men to challenge the notion that there are #BlurredLines when it comes to consent.
  • Because some men and boys of Lewisham are good allies, speaking out in their communities; places of worship, trades unions, sports clubs and challenging abusive behaviour when they witness it.

We are asking men to speak out about the practical things that men can do in their personal and work lives and in their communities rather than just be part of a pledge.

Curated by local journalist, Delores William we will be releasing a series of interviews with the men of Lewisham during November.

Article from News Shopper – James J Walsh


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