White Ribbon Campaign

Lewisham Council is a White Ribbon borough.  Details of events that are being planned for 2014 to encourage men to address violence are detailed on their website.

Lewisham Council White Ribbon events 2014


aBOUT THE White Ribbon Campaign

“Violence against women happens more than you think. It’s mostly committed by men. We won’t stand for it.

We’re a group of men who know that there’s never an excuse for violence against women. We pledge never to condone it, or to stand by when we know it’s happening. We’re part of a worldwide movement. There are thousands of us. Join us. Stand with us”

Statement from the UK White Ribbon Campaign

The first White Ribbon Campaign was launched by a group of men in Canada after the brutal mass shooting on 6 December 1989 of 14 female students at the University of Montreal. They felt that it was indicative of a broader issue of violence against women and that men should take responsibility for challenging social acceptance and underlying causes as well as reacting to this specific atrocity.

Memorial plaque to women killed by Marc Lepine who hated ‘feminist’ engineering students



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